Musée de la Pogne Pascalis
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Musée de la Pogne Pascalis


Come and find out about the story of the 'Pogne Pascalis' brioche! Self-guided tour of the workshops, a film showing and a tasting of the famous brioche that dates back to the Middle Ages.

PriceFree of charge. Guided tours on booking.

We want this ancestral know-how to be passed on so that it lasts as long as possible. That's why we're offering you a 100% free tour, so you can get away from it all and discover the products of our magnificent region.

A guided tour of the working bakery will allow you to see the bakers at work. Afterwards, a film will be shown to learn more about the Pascalis family, and discover their history through the museum's various media.
We'll end with a tasting of our speciality...

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Musée de la Pogne Pascalis
86, Grand'rue Jean Jaurès, 26300 Bourg-de-Péage
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