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William Frachot restaurant


A gourmet experience of the ‘City of the Dukes’

William Frachot restaurant

WILLIAM FRACHOT & LE CHAPEAU ROUGE, A BURGUNDIAN STORY. Twice starred since 2013, the Chapeau Rouge has established itself as an essential gastronomic stop in Burgundy. Anchored in its region and its soil, William Frachot's cuisine is the synthesis of a double requirement: that of telling a contemporary Burgundy story but also a vision: his own. It is at the Hostellerie du Chapeau Rouge, this former 19th century coaching inn where he has renovated the 28 rooms, that this lover of wide open spaces (the sea and the mountains) has been holding the knife and fork for 22 years. A first Michelin star in 2003, a second in 2013: it seems that the number 3 brings him luck!

An ode to the terroir and to creativity

You'll find elegance everywhere you look, in the dishes and in the decoration. The regional products are used to their full potential, providing an immersive culinary experience.

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William Frachot restaurant
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