Le Chai de Mars
Le Chai de Mars
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Wine tasting and culinary discovery


The Chai de Mars is an urban cellar where some of Mars Wine Station's wines are made. We propose to discover the culinary treasures of Marseille's artisans, for an unusual tasting.

From 28 to 49€.

Duration60 à 90 minutes
Our wines: in 2021, Mars Wine Station acquires 40 m2 on the old port of Marseille to build its own cellar, in which the company installs 8 tanks, including 2 stainless steel but especially 6 stoneware jars.

3 organic vintages are now presented: "On Grain Degun, La Baie des Singes and Mars".

With the upcoming constitution of a Marseille vineyard, the first 100% Marseille wine is well on its way! For each tasting, a culinary discovery!

The spreads : Timon & Sourrieu, offer you a cuisine inspired by the south and the vegetal scents of the scrubland. All the recipes are thought with a major aroma which creates a true culinary identity.

Our cheeses : La Laiterie Marseillaise is the first urban dairy in Marseille. You can find the most beautiful cheese appellations and farmhouse nuggets harvested in the 4 corners of France but also "home-made" products made from local cow, goat and sheep milk.

The Bread A unique recipe, inspired by the bread of the past, based on organic flours from the Alpes de Haute-Provence and natural rye leaven, without any yeast or additives... The essential in its pure state

The chocolate : Françoise La Chocolaterie proposes you quality chocolates, made every day with passion, in the respect of the traditions and the know-how of the craft industry to crunch according to the tastes,
sometimes raw, straightforward, enhanced with feminine touches, sometimes fruity and tangy. The program will be to taste the wines of Mars accompanied by culinary specialties of other artisans of Marseille.

It takes place at the Chai de Mars, on the Vieux Port of Marseille

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Wine tasting and culinary discovery
Quai de Rive Neuve, 13007 Marseille
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