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Beaujolais wine régions

The popularity of wine throughout the ages is almost unparalleled by any other food or drink.

It flowed during Grecian and Roman symposiums, surrounded by laughter and delight, as well as intrigue and innovation; it became a way to commemorate Christ following the Last Supper, and is today, more and more often treated with the respect such a fascinating creation deserves. While good wine has become synonymous with the societal elite over the centuries, higher-quality wine is becoming more appreciated and accessible to all areas of society. So much so, that there are some incredible vineyards and experiences that are available to amateurs and gourmets alike, all across the world. La Vallée de la Gastronomie - France ® offers a huge selection of these enticing experiences to help solidify your appreciation of fine wines, prepared with love, care, and respect for the vine. One region that has been a strong producer of great wines throughout the years and continues to gain in popularity, is the Beaujolais region to the north of Lyon. 


The Beauty Of The Beaujolais Region

First and foremost, spending time in an area like this is about far more than wine, although that does play a very large part. This area of France is situated within a corridor of excellence, stretching from the Mediterranean coastline to Dijon, following the path of the Saône river. It is one of the most idyllic areas in the country, if not the entirety of Europe. Sprawling fields and grasslands, interspersed with delicate, rolling hills provide visitors with some breathtaking sights. The vineyards dotted around this renowned wine region lend a sense of awe and combined with the romantic and rustic French architecture of nearby windmills, chapels, and chateaus, you may feel as though you’ve been transported through time. For those searching for a new and wonderful place to visit, especially if you’re interested in the creation of phenomenal wine, the Beaujolais region is truly a sight to behold and the perfect place for an inspiring getaway.


Experiences Of The Beaujolais Region

This area of France is specifically known for some of the world’s best red wines created by many different winemakers. To encourage more appreciation of this process, and to provide members of the public with an exciting and fascinating experience, some of these winemakers open their doors to provide a glimpse of the process and more importantly, to try some of these spectacular wines. We’ve listed some of the great experiences that you can try via La Vallée de la Gastronomie - France ® for an unforgettable time. 


Domaine Joncy, Quincié-En-Beaujolais

To truly experience the feeling of traveling through time you must visit the wonderful Joncy family’s vineyard and winery. Established in 1619 this family vineyard aims to continue the creation of high-quality wines while remaining respectful of their local environment, preserving the true beauty surrounding them. Entwining the past with the innovations of the contemporary era, the Joncy family creates a wonderful selection of Beaujolais wine suitable for every palette.


Oenothèque Des Vins Du Château De Pizay, Belleville-En-Beaujolais

For those looking to learn more about wine and the way it’s made, a great choice would be to partake in a captivating enology workshop at Château de Pizay. There are 8 workshops to enjoy which are unique in the country, where you can learn everything from the very basics of wine, learning about and identifying the different tastes and aromas, as well as how they are created from harvesting the grapes to the aging process within authentic oak barrels. 


Château De Corcelles, Corcelles-En-Beaujolais

This gorgeous château situated in the Beaujolais region is home to some 92 hectares of grapevines composed of reds, whites, and rosé. There are countless amazing wines to try here as well as purchase some to enjoy in the comfort of your own home or bring back as a gift for your loved ones. These vineyards boast some intriguing features, including high altitudes, sun exposure, and granite and limestone soil to provide an utterly splendid fragrance and taste to their wines. Visiting areas such as Château De Corcelles will prove to you once and for all the genuine care and reverence that is given to these wines throughout the entire process, whether it’s a standard yet delicious Beaujolais wine or an exceptional Beaujolais Crus.


Wines Of The Beaujolais Region

There are many different types of wines available in the region, yet none is more abundant than those created using the Gamay grape. Staggeringly, more than half of the area of the whole Beaujolais region is covered in the Gamay grapevine, showing you just how essential it is to the region. There are twelve specific appellations here, all boasting a different flavor and complexity. Here are some examples of the variety you can expect from the area.



Produced in the small town of Saint-Amour, this appellation provides two distinct types of wine, primarily due to the soil of the Beaujolais region. It is comprised of schist, clay, and granite, creating one incredibly strong and complex wine, providing a somewhat spiced, cherry-like flavor, excellent for the colder festive season. The other possesses a lighter, more floral flavor, entwined with raspberries, perfect for a warm summer evening under the stars.



This appellation is what is the largest crus and is also one of the most affordable of these exceptional wines. Enjoyed around Parisian bistros alongside dinner as well as during a night in with friends, these hugely flavorsome wines are a must-try. Of course, being such a large area, there leaves much room for variation, and you’ll find that Brouilly wine from Pisse-Vieille or Côte de Brouilly are starkly different from one another, yet no less delectable.



These grapes are grown in the mountains at high altitudes, providing a delicate aroma and flavor. A lighter drink than many other Beaujolais wine counterparts, are perfect for drinking slightly cooler than usual. The varied wines of the Beaujolais region are perfect for so many different occasions and it’s no wonder this area continues to be a fantastic place to visit for all who appreciate this exquisite product.