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With its meadows, quickset hedges, and white feathered flights, the Bresse bocage presides over the charm of the Bresse identity. This unique and endearing agrarian landscape bears witness to an age-old alliance between man and nature.

The unavoidable Bresse chicken

'"Queen of poultry and poultry of kings" so named by Brillat Savarin nearly 200 years ago, Bresse poultry remains a monument of Bresse gastronomy! Unparalleled production, Bresse chicken, poulard, turkey or capon benefit from the world's unique PDO.

Poulet de Bresse dans un champs

Vonnas, the white village

In the heart of his native Bresse , Georges Blanc has built a true gastronomic destination, an empire of taste! Two hotels, two restaurants, a whole atmosphere. A perfect setting for a 3-star cuisine which honours the tradition and the emblematic poultry of Bresse.

Village de Vonnas

Bresse, nature side

Sougey estate has been awarded the "Espace Naturel Sensible" label and is one of Bresse characteristic landscape treasures. A mosaic of greens and the shade of hundred-year-old trees, a remarkable building, free-range poultry.  A discovery trail reveals the deep soul of  the Bresse bocage.

Ferme de Sougey

An exceptional rural heritage

The old Bresse farmhouses, built in adobe, brick and half-timbering, with massive frames and spectacular Saracen fireplaces, are among rural architecture jewels. Domaine des Planons and its Musée de la Bresse are a magnificent testimony to this.

Domaine Saveurs

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