travel differently

How to Travel Differently ?

Travel differently: the promises of agritourism and wine tours offer a richly rewarding type of holiday, filled with culture, variety and delicious food.

Slow tourism is a branch of travel that sets out to encourage visitors to travel differently by embracing a slower pace of life, taking the time to connect with the locality and to opt for quality rather than quantity. It is better for the environment and often very budget-friendly. Slow travel isn't for everyone, but for those who love French cuisine and culture, an agritourism holiday in La Vallée de la Gastronomie – France ® would certainly tick all the boxes!


What does travelling differently mean?

When they think of a French holiday most people will imagine a trip to Paris. While this is surely an experience, deciding to travel differently and explore the diversity of French regions and gastronomy can be a more fulfilling and interesting choice for many.

Why not try agritourism? The concept is simple: farms open their doors to tourists and offer them accommodation, while offering other services such as table d'hôte, direct picking of fruits and vegetables, or even cooking classes and wine-tasting courses. This eco-friendly alternative to hotels also allows you to interact with the locals at your vacation spot and learn more about the region you visit.


How to find an agritourism holiday?

Many find an agritourism holiday or a 'slow' holiday to be a more meaningful and memorable experience. The La Vallée de la Gastronomie – France ® website has plenty of ideas and suggestions for discovering three of the most fascinating areas in France: Dijon and Burgundy, Lyon and Rhône, Southern France and Provence. Don’t hesitate to explore the varied offer of La Vallée de la Gastronomie – France ® to find experiences and places that will confirm you made the right choice when you decided to travel differently.