Bistro Chapouton - Grignan
Alain Maigre Photographe / La Ferme Chapouton
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Bistro Chapouton

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Le Clair de la Plume, the hidden jewel of Provence, comprises five different sites in the historical village of Grignan. As they approach the village, guests will find the Ferme Chapouton, the newest hotel offering a beautiful view of the castle and exceptional dining. With its old tile floor, fireplace and patio, the bistro restaurant fuses modernity and tradition and offers outstanding food at moderate prices (featured “Bib Gourmand” by Michelin). Other welcome features include the vaulted ceiling of the spacious lounge where breakfast is served and an original stone staircase leading to any of the nine rooms available. Guests can also dive into the heated pool hidden located behind the former rabbit house. The large and bright conference room (formerly the sheep stable) has room for up to 50 persons.

A short walk away is our second location: the private house. A noble stone staircase leads to the 19th-century rooms and suites where guests will find a shaded and cool respite on hot summer days. A few more steps bring you to the Historical House, opposite one of the most beautiful period washing basins of Provence. In the conservatory or in the dining room, the hotel’s gastronomic restaurant (1* Michelin) offers a delectable cuisine, built around the freshest local produce. Spend the sweet afternoon hours on the patio, under the arbour or in the lounge, sipping a tea or enjoying cold refreshments. A generous breakfast buffet is served in the period kitchen where you can still hear the old clock ticking and chiming. The scent of natural wax and lavender lead to the ancient engravings of the timeless rooms on the upper floors where cozy comfort and modern service meet tradition and heritage. Here as everywhere, there are books to read.

In summer, a stroll through the Mediterranean garden is a must. There, guests will find a collection of aromatic plants, a natural swimming pool and an outdoor restaurant. Guests will also discover a beehive by the organic pond, rare rose bushes and small orchard of apple and pear trees. In the midst of this unique garden, the “lovers’ pavilion” offers unique accommodations for couples who want to experience a romantic night. Pull up a chaise longue and fall asleep in front of the village crowned with its castle... or dream next to lush fields of lavender.

A few cobbled streets away, on the village square, the shop sells delicacies, scents and traditions of Provence so guests can take with them a souvenir from their experience, and share with their loved ones the Clair de la Plume.

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Nous vous présentons la nouvelle carte "à emporter" préparée par nos chefs Julien Allano et Cédric Perret, de quoi vous mettre l'eau à la bouche !
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Menu à partir de 23 €
Nous assurons tous les jours un service de vente à emporter, atour de produits frais et de saison et de vins de l’Appellation Grignan-les-Adhémar.
Les commandes se font en ligne ( ou par téléphone au
Le point de retrait est à la Ferme Chapouton (200 route de Montélimar à Grignan).

Soutenons nos commerces !
Ouverture d’une boutique éphémère regroupant les produits locaux. De la lavande au chocolat en passant par des terrines et du vin.
Ne cherchez plus sur internet, nous vous accueillons de 11h à 18h.
De quoi prévoir vos cadeaux de fin d’année ou simplement pour le plaisir d’offrir.

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Bistro Chapouton
200 route de Montélimar, 26230 Grignan
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