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The ultimate food, wine and gourmet holidays in France

Discover delicious French specialties and wines from places in Burgundy,

When it comes to French cuisine, a lifetime might not be enough to taste everything! As a true institution, "the gastronomic meal of the French" was even registered as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity in 2010. And if the diversity of French gastronomy is renowned, its quality and finesse are at the origin of its reputation for excellence.

La Vallée de la Gastronomie - France ® helps you prepare your next culinary vacations or gastronomic weekend with your family, as a couple or a group of friends. Book your gourmet holiday in France now and experience unique regional specialities.


Culinary specialities in Lyon

Did you know that Lyon is awarded the title of the world capital of gastronomy? Lyon cuisine is so varied that it has its own category.

Pork meat is typical of the local cuisine with dishes such as sausages, truffled or pistachioed saveloy, cervelas as the French call it, or the pâté en croûte, a pastry cover wrapping a meat pâté. But you can also enjoy the delights of the sea like pike dumplings (a preparation based on semolina, butter, eggs and milk), au gratin and accompanied by tomato sauce or béchamel

During one of your culinary vacations, enjoy a meal in one of the ‘bouchons’, those small traditional restaurants where you sit so close to your neighbour that you could easily steal a piece of sausage from their plate. And sausage is the right example as Lyon cuisine offers a large selection of various sausages prepared in many different ways. The best way to taste them? Pick randomly and let the chef surprise you! The Michelin guide in France is the reference to find your way through the best French restaurants and find gourmet food in France.


Culinary specialities in Burgundy

How about living the experience to the full and spending a gastronomic weekend in Burgundy? In addition to satisfying your taste buds, your eyes will be seduced by the unique charm of this beautiful region.

Try specialties of Burgundy such as coq au vin (rooster with wine), escargots (snails), and boeuf bourguignon (beef Burgundy, with wine and mushrooms).

If you prefer dishes with less meat, have a taste of the eggs meurette, eggs poached in a red wine sauce and served with slices of toasted and garlic bread: they will satisfy the most demanding palates.


Of course, it is impossible to not mention the world-famous vineyards of the region. They produce wines that are the perfect match to gourmet food in France. Visit the region and discover appellations such as Côtes de Nuits, Côtes de Beaune, Nuits-Saint-Georges, Beaune, Hospices de Beaune or Meursault. Enjoy your meals with these wonderful Burgundy wines after a walk in the vineyards, and experience life as a true French person.

Can't finish your meal without a sweet note? Try the famous gingerbread, a speciality made with honey and spices, to be eaten plain, with almonds or with candied fruit.


Culinary specialities in the South of France

The specialities of the South of France are very healthy and colourful; they are often called cuisines of the sun. Olive oil, vegetables, herbs, seafood, what could be more delicious? Simple ingredients with sophisticated tastes. Ratatouille, black olive tapenade, or the famous Marseille bouillabaisse served with croutons and rouille or aioli sauces made of garlic, spices and olive oil will convince the most sceptical.


Seafood lovers will appreciate a plate of sardines or an anchoïade, a spread made of anchovies, capers, garlic, and olive oil.

Enjoy culinary holidays in the south of France in an enchanting environment between the song of cicadas, lavender fields, and beaches with crystal clear waters.

Again, use the Michelin Guide in France, to source the best restaurants during your culinary holidays.