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What exactly is culinary tourism and why try it?

Discover why a culinary tour of France offers a deliciously unique way of holidaying for lovers of food, wine and nature in the Vallée de la Gastronomie.

Gastronomy tourism is a way of travelling focused on discovering the gastronomic heritage of a country or region. If the moment of tasting is the apotheosis of that kind of gourmet adventure, culinary tourism revolves around many other activities. Indeed, besides the dining experiences you can enjoy cultural visits, shopping, lessons or walks in the beautiful regions of Bourgogne-Franche Comté, Auvergne-Rhône Alpes or Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur along La Vallée de la Gastronomie – France ®. You can start dreaming now!


Rediscover the pleasure of enjoying a meal

When we think of France, we imagine this lovely dining experience that we all dream of. Foodie travellers in France enjoy themed meals for a reason: from starter to dessert, including the main course, culinary tourism allows you not only to taste the country’s or region’s typical products, but it also shows you how to savour the experience and not just the food you eat.

If these tastings first awaken the taste buds, all the senses are subsequently highlighted as these thematic meals are often accompanied by a unique French atmosphere.

By choosing a lovely place in La Vallée de la Gastronomie – France ® for your culinary experience you already know that you will be able to say “I have had a taste of France.” Regional specialities from Bourgogne-Franche Comté, Auvergne-Rhône Alpes or Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur are some of the most delicious and typical ones. And that is without even mentioning the wine.


Make the most of culinary tourism and learn a few French cooking tricks

Show-cooking is another facet of culinary tourism. During these dazzling and enticing shows, French chefs or cooks demonstrate their talent.

Have a real culinary experience by participating in a cooking class in La Vallée de la Gastronomie – France ®. Not only will you savour the result even more, but you will also know the pleasure of learning how the French cook and improve your expertise.