cheese and wine tasting

Wine tasting holidays and their importance to France

Cheese and wine tasting holidays in France are increasing in popularity, especially in the beautiful regions of Burgundy, Provence and along the Rhône.

From the cliché to the lovely depiction of wine tasting in the south of France that we get from films, we all have something in mind when it comes to wine tasting in France. It is no surprise then that more than 10 million visitors a year go for wine tasting holidays in France to have their own wine tasting experience. The quality and the diversity of French wine might be the main reason behind this, but truly it is all about the atmosphere.


Why is cheese and wine tasting so popular?

From Dijon to Lyon and Marseilles La Vallée de la Gastronomie – France ® is peppered with all sorts of cheeses and wines, one more delicious than the other. Red, white, rosé, Champagne, it is easy to love French wine.

As for the cheeses, there are so many of them that we would need a lifetime to try them all. We might not know them well, but they are all so interesting and special in their own way that it is always a pleasure to taste a new one and savour a cheese full of character.

Cheese and wine tasting is a wonderful way of discovering France from another perspective. Each region has its own wines and cheeses and they are particularly tasteful when combined well.

Whether you opt for a wine tasting weekend in France or a simply a special evening, you can make the most of your experience by choosing a picturesque setting, such as a wine tasting cruise on the Rhône or in a cave.


Visiting Burgundy's vineyards

Burgundian wines are so famous that going to Burgundy for wine tasting is always the right choice: Chablis, Mâcon, Meursault, Pommard, and many other labels, will delight you, as well as the Burgundian countryside. Beaune is considered the regional capital of wine, and its 29,400 hectares of vines stretch over more than 200 kilometres. More than 25,000 of these hectares are classified as AOC. This makes the Burgundy region very attractive as a destination for a wine tasting experience.