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Domaine des Béates


Domaine Les Béates is located in Lambesc, in the heart of the Aix-en-Provence PDO. It comprises 40 hectares of vines on the best land in the Provencal village, north-west of Aix-en-Provence between Alpilles, Luberon and Mont Sainte Victoire.

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The estate has been a pioneer in organic farming for the region since the 1980s, and was taken over in 1996 by the Terrat family who strive to produce exceptional wines, while respecting the natural environment. The grapevines were planted at an altitude of between 250 and 350m in mostly calcareous soil, which provides white wines with a mineral taste, fruity rosé wines, and powerful red wines with great capacity for ageing.

Discovery of the organic wines of Domaine Les Béates
In the heart of the Aix-en-Provence PDO, between Alpilles, Luberon and Sainte Victoire mountain, it is in Lambesc that the Domaine Les Béates works 40 hectares of vines on the best lands of the Provencal village. Certified AB since the 80's, the Domaine is one of the pioneers of Organic Agriculture in the region. Since 1996, it is owned by the Terrat family whose ambition is to produce authentic and lively wines. The vines are planted between 250 and 350 m of altitude on soils with dominant limestone, allowing to obtain white wines of great minerality, fruity rosés and powerful reds of great guard. Come and visit us at the domain to discover them! Monday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm

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Domaine des Béates
Route de Caireval, 13410 Lambesc
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