Du marché à l’assiette
H. Morisset
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Du Marché à l’Assiette (From the market to the table)


The chef will take you on a tour of the market and all the best producers, then it's time for a 3-course meal (starter, main course and dessert) at the restaurant, made using the products selected that morning.

PriceOne price: 58 €.

Come to the GERARH restaurant for an exceptional discovery of local and organic cuisine that changes with the seasons, served with a selection of regional wines from small-scale estates, real treasures of the vineyards, all organic. The dishes on offer are entirely dependent on the seasons and the harvest, and are deliciously flavoured with herbs from the surrounding hills and served with vegetables that have been freshly harvested by our market gardener.

Before lunch, visitors will go on a guided tour. On Wednesdays, visitors will be greeted at 10am at the Cours Julien market, just 50 metres away from the restaurant, where producers from the surrounding area come every week with products that will make your mouth water.
You will have the chance to meet our local, organic producers:
- Jérôme Laplane, market gardener
- Luc Falco, goat farmer
- Bernard from Gaia fruit gardens,
- Christophe, fisherman from Sète and shellfish producer
- The Longo Maï cooperative with their canned goods
- Sourdough bread, etc.

After the tour of the market, depending on the season, visitors will be able to enjoy lunch out on the terrace in the shade of the linden trees, or inside the restaurant, in an inviting atmosphere surrounded by vintage objects, exhibited artwork and music. As we are also a wine merchant, the chef will give you a brief presentation of a selection of wines that are perfectly paired with the dishes.

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Du Marché à l’Assiette (From the market to the table)
50 cours Julien, 13006 Marseille
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