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How to discover Lyon without appreciating the lyonnaise food culture? We have created tours that will allow you to dive into the wonders of the Lyonnaise Gastronomy through history, anecdotes, recipes and incredible tastings of course… Discover Lyon in all its flavours!

Adult: from 19 €.

Thanks to our thematic, historical and gourmet tours, you will fully understand the international reputation of Lyons gastronomy, from the emblematic “Mères Lyonnaises” – Lyonnaise Mothers, to the World famous Paul Bocuse.

We will take you through the historic districts classified as a World Heritage by UNESCO, or in the core of the food market Halles Bocuse, also called “the belly of Lyon”. Our passionate food expert guides have selected for you exceptional tasting stops, where you will learn about the history and technique behind each produce.

From the origins of the French cuisine to the new rising stars of the contemporary gastronomy, thanks to anecdotes and meetings with shop owners and producers, our food tours are the best way to explore the city in a different and gourmet way!

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Food tours by Tasty Lyon
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