Restaurant Gérarh Marseille
Restaurant Gérarh Marseille
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Gérarh restaurant


Gerarh is a restaurant at Cours Julien serving homemade dishes made using local, organic products. It is also a wine cellar, an exhibition venue and a live Jazz music venue.

A la carte: 30 €.

At lunchtime, you'll be able to choose from the chef's specials, starter, main course and dessert, made with fresh produce from the market. Early evening, come and enjoy a drink with a sharing platter of cured meat or homemade, raw milk cheeses, oysters or 'panisses'.

In the evenings, the chef offers a limited menu of semi-gourmet dishes, always made using local, seasonal produce directly from the farm, marinated meat and fish, cured meats, original sauces, homemade desserts. There's something for everyone!

Local and organic cuisine: the products used come from the people we've encountered and our partnerships with local producers, farmers and craftspeople.
Local: we are committed to doing our part for the region's economy.
Environmental responsibility: this is a priority for us (FiG Food Index for Good Label, Ecotable (label pending)).

Zero waste: in the kitchen we strive to abide by a 'zero waste' policy.
Recycling: we recycle glass, paper, cardboard, plastic and cooking oil
We use upcycled furniture which is then sold at flea markets.

Du marché à l'assiette - Rencontre de producteurs et dégustation
GERARH offers you an exceptional discovery of locavore and organic cuisine that evolves with the seasons, accompanied by a selection of wines from the region, small estates, nuggets of the vine, from organic farming. The lunch will be preceded by a wine tasting of the GERARH cellar where the bottle and its history will be presented in a playful atmosphere. To start, a blind test will be proposed. It will be a question of finding the aromas, the perfumes, possibly the type of vine and why not the name of the wine. Then the tasting itself with the Chef's wise explanations, tasting technique, wine making details, grape varieties, appellations, without forgetting the anecdotes related to the domain. At the end of this workshop, lunch will be served on the terrace in the shade of the lime trees or indoors in a warm atmosphere where antiques, exhibitions and music are mixed. The food and wine pairing will be presented by the Chef with all the passion he puts into his cooking. The wine service will be presented and carried out by the Chef himself. As the seasons change, you will be able to taste the small dishes on the menu, flavored with herbs from the hills and accompanied by vegetables freshly picked by our farmer. Before leaving you can buy the wines of the selection or those that will please you with the advice of the Chef, because we are also a wine shop.
Accords mets et vins chez Gérah
Accords mets et vins chez Gérarh

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Gérarh restaurant
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