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Huilerie Beaujolaise


Since 1982, Jean-Marc Montegottero and his team have been keeping the traditional production methods of virgin 100% fruit oils alive, producing completely natural products: fruit and oil.

The Huilerie Beaujolaise produces twelve virgin oils as well as two maceration and pressure oils. Nine fruit vinegars are also made here according to the company's own recipes.
Over the years, Jean-Marc Montegottero's products have been selected by the greatest chefs in France and abroad. These chefs are the ambassadors for his exceptional products.

The Huilerie Beaujolaise is more than just a simple shop, it is a place of discovery dedicated to great taste and gastronomy. You'll be able to sample the oils and fruit vinegars and discover a selection of fine products: Italian pasta, Beaujolais honey, Burgundy spirits, and much more.

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Huilerie Beaujolaise
939 rue des Echarmeaux, 69430 Beaujeu
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