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EARL La Perdrerie

La Spiruline des Oliviers (EARL La Perdrerie)


We are Olivier and Agnès. We grow Spirulina, organic citrus fruits, organic apricots and olives to make PDO Aix-en-Provence olive oil on our family farm.

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Olivier and Agnes Serradimigni, farmers from generation to generation, decided to make the best use of the agricultural heritage of their ancestors with the desire to return to an agriculture that respects the environment and consumers.

"We have planted 3 hectares of olive trees on the old farm. We have in our existing greenhouses :
- an orchard of 2 hectares of apricot trees in organic culture
- an orchard of one hectare of citrus fruits in organic culture
- a farm of 650m2 of 100% French spirulina".

Spirulina in flakes, powder or tablets, and PDO Aix-en-Provence olive oil are sold all year round. Apricots are harvested in early May and citrus fruits between September and March.
The spirulina of olive trees
We propose a 1-hour visit to discover the cultivation of spirulina, citrus fruits and organic apricots in glass greenhouses, with the option of purchasing the products on site. The visit starts with a retrospective about the farm and our family. In fact, from generation to generation, our farming family has followed the agricultural evolution of Marseille for more than a century until the 1950s and the disappearance of the green belt on the plain of Berre-l'Etang in 1952. We decided to completely change our farm with the desire to grow in respect of our environment and consumers. We have created a spirulina culture on 650m², as well as an organic olive orchard and have chosen to plant 3 hectares of organic apricots and citrus fruits under glass greenhouses.
Exploitation de la spiruline des oliviers

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La Spiruline des Oliviers (EARL La Perdrerie)
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