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Le Pré aux Clercs


A tribute to culinary tradition

Le Pré aux Clercs

The Pré aux Clercs' menu gives pride of place to tradition in the spirit of Georges Blanc's cuisine. The Bresse poultry, the eggs in "meurette", the veal cheek "Chablisienne" braised with small onions... are to our taste buds of big children what the madeleine was to Marcel Proust. Beautiful wine list.

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Diverse creations for a menu full of character

The dishes on the menu are always centred around local products, but chef Pierre Franchomme takes his inspiration from his many travels and serves up some daring combinations, sometimes using techniques that are not very well-known in France. Come and discover this multidimensional cuisine that is perfectly paired with one of the many appellations, some of them rather prestigious, from the restaurant’s wine list.

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Le Pré aux Clercs
21000 DIJON
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