Les Navettes des Accoules
Les Navettes des Accoules Marseille

Les navettes des Accoules


At the gates of the Panier district, the artisanal cookie factory makes shuttles, canistrelli, cucciole, crunchy biscuits and almond macaroons every day.

Flour, eggs, sugar, butter, a little olive oil... Enough to enjoy our Corsican and Provencal specialties!
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1 - The measures recommended by the National Public Health Agency in terms of
in terms of barrier gestures

2 - The application of the rules of social distancing

3 - The implementation of the charters promulgated by the professional
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4 - The presence, in each structure, of a health and safety referent
procedures and protocols, and who will inform all the staff of the
to all the personnel the measures to be respected

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hospitals, screening centers, emergency services, etc.

6 - The establishment of rules of conduct in case of suspicion of Covid-19 :
Have a clear protocol for employees who
show signs of Covid-10 infection and apply these protocols without delay
protocols without delay "to the extent possible," these protocols should also be
should also be applied to clients when in doubt
Les navettes des Accoules

Flour, eggs, sugar, butter, a touch of olive oil... All you need to enjoy our Corsican and Provençal specialities! Join us in the historic district of Panier to discover the Marseille biscuit par excellence, the navette.

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Les navettes des Accoules
68 Rue Caisserie, 13002 Marseille
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