Pont du Gard
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Destination Uzès Pont du Gard

The black truffle, a treasure in winter

The Tubermelasnosporum belongs to Gard flavours' anthology and places the Uzège in the list of great taste sites. An emblematic treasure of the garrigues, the black diamond is a perfect excuse for all kinds of experiences. The famous Truffle Weekend is also very popular.

Truffe noire

“Foire aux vins” (Wine Fair), the summer meeting point

The Uzès " Foire aux vins " is an event !  For three days in August, some 60 winegrowers highlight all the appellations of the Gard: PDO Dûché d'Uzès, PDO Costières de Nîmes, PDO Côtes du Rhône Village: Signargues, PDO Côtes du Rhône, PGI Pont du Gard, PGI Cévennes. Connoisseurs and lovers take advantage of these convivial meetings to enrich their cellars.

Foire aux vins

The Gorges du Gardon, a protected territory

Recognised as a "biosphere reserve" by UNESCO, the Gorges du Gardon massif is  fragile and spectacular. Here, the protection of ecosystems is a priority. For the responsible adventurer, this protected area of steep cliffs, emerald waters and remarkable species is a genuine paradise.

Gorge du Gardon

The Pont du Gard, the greatness of Occitanie

An architectural feat, the Pont du Gard is an artistic and technical masterpiece. Labelled "Grands Sites d'Occitanie" (Great Sites of Occitania) and recognised as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, this fascinating aqueduct carried water from the Eure spring in Uzès to Nîmes. In their natural setting, these ancient sites outline a unique landscape of 50 km.

Pont du Gard

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