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Things to do in Dole - France

Located between Jura mountains and Saône, the town of Dole imposes its Jura identity. Louis Pasteur home and a source of inspiration for Marcel Aymé, art and history city, gastronomy land by essence, you can enjoy Dole in many ways.

The range of Comtés

The characteristic richness of the Comté is its extreme diversity of aromas. Each wheel expresses a taste, the terroir trait of identity, according to its origin and maturation. This subtle alchemy occurs in the maturing cellars, where the cheese ages to become a unique product!

La palette des Comtés
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Weekend Gourmand du Chat Perché

A gourmet celebration of all talents, the  "week-end gourmand du Chat Perché" makes Dole a gastronomic destination not to be missed. Producers, restaurateurs, Michelin-starred chefs, and wine-growers, but also artists and craftsmen honour the culinary riches of "bourgui-comtoises".

Ingrédients sur une table

Jura, priority to the green.

Jura is a region where nature reigns supreme. Very endearing, it is known for its landscape diversity. From the plains in the west to the Jura Mountains, Pays des Lacs and la Petite Montagne vineyards follow one another. Between towns and countryside, valleys and forests, Jura is a destination for all seasons.

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Musée Louis Pasteur

On the banks of Canal des Tanneurs, the house where Louis Pasteur was born preserves the illustrious scientist memory. A fun and attractive trail explores the life and work of Jura scientist. This unique place reveals the universal significance of an extraordinary life. An exciting visit!

Le Musée Louis Pasteur
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