Les Dombes


Dombes is a paradise for birds, carp and fishers! If this Eden inherited from the Middle Ages ensures an exceptional biodiversity balance, it also preserves the country culinary traditions.

The carp in all its states!

Carp rillettes, smoked carp, carp fillet with sorrel or red butter, carp is, without doubt, Dombes emblematic speciality, the 1st freshwater fish farming area in France. More than an activity, fishing is in Dombes, a tradition, even a ritual!

Carpe des Dombes

An unusual fishing opening

Dombes' ponds have been emptied; the fishers come forward in the early morning's silent mists to gather the fish in long nets. Traditional fishing in Dombes is spectacular! It is the 3rd weekend of October, an appointment not to be missed.

Carpe des Dombes

Dombes, a paradise for birds and land of migration

A great diversity of birds inhabit Dombes' skies and ponds. So get your binoculars! Several observatories are accessible to visitors to keep an eye out for all this wild world.  A fauna that differs according to the seasons because Dombes, for some people, is only a stopover during a long journey.

Etangs des Dombes

A journey through time

Cobbled streets, half-timbered houses, mullioned windows, craftsmen's shop. Welcome to a flourishing medieval past imaginery, welcome to Pérouges, one of the "most beautiful villages in France"! Stroll, listen to  the stones' story and let yourself be convinced by the famous Pérouges sugar cake.


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