Arènes de Nîmes
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Nîmes and Metropolis

Brandade, at the heart of the Nîmes tradition

An age-old recipe. Cod poached in milk and olive oil, in a “brandade” ,way this is the secret of this tasty emulsion, white and creamy.  A special know-how! Famous for the cook Durand in 1830, the brandade is an essential part of Nîmes’ culinary heritage.

Brandade de Nîmes

A vineyard facing south!

The Costières de Nîmes are the southernmost vineyard of the Rhône Valley. The wines produced in these sunny lands assert their Mediterranean temperament. Their three colours are honoured during the festive days of Nîmes Toquée, an event dedicated to culture and gastronomy.

Vins des Costières de Nîmes

Nature in the city

Let's breathe; you are in Nîmes! Here the diversity of green spaces fills all walkers with happiness. From the historic gardens of De La Fontaine (the first public garden in France!)  to the Clos Gaillard or Bois des Espeisses, Mediterranean essences and garrigues multiply the pleasures of nature.

Jardin de la Fontaine

From Roman art to urban art

Anchored in its Roman roots and turned towards the future, the cultural life of Nîmes focuses on the present, creating a dialogue between the centuries. From the Maison Carrée to the Carré d'Art, from the arenas to the "Expo de Ouf", from the ancient greatness to the world of graffiti artists, an exceptional heritage crosses time and surprises.

Maison Carrée et Carré d'Art Norman Foster

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