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Provence Occitane : road trip

Would you like to discover a region with postcard-perfect sceneries? Head for the Occitanie and Provence region for a custom-made and unforgettable stay.

Producers committed to organic production

Whether amber or red, the variety of honey on the market stalls says a lot about the land from which they are produced. A sun-drenched land where emblematic flora flourishes, this region is renowned for its lavender, rosemary, and acacia honey aromatic quality.

Ecological and environmental awareness is now widely prevalent within society. Our producers are committed to progress and to implement practices that respect people, animals, soils, water, and biodiversity. These lovers of their land and nature pay great attention to quality and to environmental impact. The beating heart of sustainable development, organic farming is their commitment for future generations.

While browsing La Vallée de la Gastronomie - France® website to prepare your road trip in Provence, you will discover many quality organic products such as olive oils, local fruits and vegetables, organic or natural wines, etc. Rediscover the good taste of the terroir and reconnect with earth and nature by visiting these estates and tasting their production.

Meet and share with enthusiasts practicing integrated farming and reinventing their profession. By regaining a better control of their activity, they can engage in a more sustainable path. Thanks to the vitality of these local players ready to take up all the challenges, organic farming is making its place in the Occitanie region and Provence region.


Discovering Provençal gastronomy

Rich and sunny, Provençal food is based on healthy and tasty local products. Among the best-known Mediterranean specialties is bouillabaisse: this originally simple and no-fuss fisherman's dish is a broth made from at least 4 different varieties of fish. Owing to its success it has evolved and is nowadays sometimes proposed with shellfish. It is served with the famous rouille or aioli sauces made with garlic, spices, olive oil and croutons.

Seafood lovers will also enjoy grilled sardines or anchoïade, a spread made with anchovies, capers, garlic, and the famous local olive oil.

Do you prefer meat dishes? Try the daube provençale, a dish made with beef marinated in red wine, carrots, and herbs. It is served with potatoes, rice, or fresh pasta.

Provençal food would not be complete without bread and cheese! The local fougasse is a flatbread with a soft crust and a moist and thick crumb. It is eaten plain or flavoured with olives, onions, anchovies, bacon bits, cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms, or Provencal herbs. To accompany it, treat yourself to a taste of the brousse, a mild goat cheese with flavours of broom, rosemary, and oak.



Miel de Provence

The wines of Provence

Famous for its crus and village appellations, the vineyards on the right bank of the Rhône offer a wide range of experiences.  To discover the typical red wines of Lirac, the freshness of the white wines of Laudun or the famous rosé of Tavel, visit the Espace Rabelais in Bagnols-sur-Cèze.

A road trip in Provence will take you along the local wines route with treasures to discover. Crisscrossing the beautiful winding back roads of Provence, passing through scrubland and fields of lavender, you will encounter appellations such as Côtes de Provence, Coteaux d'Aix, Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Côtes du Rhône, Tavel, Vacqueyras or Crozes-Hermitage.

Red, white, or rosé and made from various grape varieties (Grenache, Syrah, Clairette, Sémillon, etc.), they are bursting with sunshine and are a perfect match for Provencal food. Discover them in the charming local restaurants, Michelin-starred or not, where local experts will advise you on the best possible combinations with your choice of dishes.

To learn more about these wines, opt for a tasting tour in a winery: it’s an exceptional opportunity to meet passionate winemakers keen on sharing their knowledge. You will discover how wines are made, the vinification process, the crucial wine-blending step and how to best associate them with dishes. And the icing on the cake, don't miss the grape harvest! In late summer or early autumn, it is the opportunity to include an unforgettable human and cultural experience in your road trip in Provence.



Activities for everyone: as a couple, with family, with friends

The discreet Cèze valley reveals all its charms to nature-loving hikers. On foot, on horseback or by mountain bike through oak forests, arbutus and garrigues, or by canoe or kayak along the waters, the discovery is full of surprises. Don't miss the Cascades du Sautadet and the Concluses de Lussan!

A road trip in Provence is the guarantee of an exotic vacation in an enchanting setting. And to make your stay perfect, there is nothing better than finding activities that will please everyone. With La Vallée de la Gastronomie - France®, you have a best-of Provence France just a click away. Organise your activities from home before departure to create your custom-made trip.

For a couple's trip, choose among the most beautiful relais et chateaux along with Michelin-starred restaurants for a romantic and timeless break.

With friends, visit a brewery or go on a wine route to discover how the greatest wines are made, how to make your own blend of wine or take part in the grape harvest. Don’t forget to try our gastronomic restaurants to discover the delicious Provençal food.

Going on a road trip in Provence with your family? Take your children to the farm to meet the animals or go fruit picking. Those with a sweet tooth will appreciate the Provençal sweets like the navettes, shaped like shuttles; these orange blossom flavoured dry cakes are typical of Marseille.

All will enjoy a stroll through a Provençal farmers market to discover fine local and seasonal products. You will find sweets such as the famous quince paste, a beautiful, amber-coloured delicacy that will delight you after a great day's walk.


Cascades du Sautadet
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Prepare your road trip in Provence with La Vallée de la Gastronomie - France®


Provence Occitane can be proud that 3 out of 4 villages in the Gard are classified among the Most Beautiful Villages in France. Aiguèze, Montclus and La Roque-sur-Cèze are situated on the banks of the Cèze or the Ardèche, inviting visitors to stroll through the picturesque maze of their streets.

La Vallée de la Gastronomie - France® selects its partners with the greatest care for a quality south of France travel guide. You will find proposals for accommodation set in exceptional establishments as well as in relais et châteaux. Our offer of restaurants in the Occitanie region and Provence region is the guarantee of the best gastronomic experiences.

And of course, find our best-of Provence France with fun and creative activities to share with family or friends: wine tastings, visits to chocolate, cakes or nougat factories, hikes in the countryside, strolls in the historical villages or cities, fruit picking, grape harvests, etc.

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