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Saulieu, porte du Morvan

Between forests and plains, Saulieu stands at the threshold of the Morvan Regional Natural Park. If the heart of Burgundy beats here to the rhythm of unspoilt nature, its heritage and gastronomic vocation contribute to the charm of this land of passage.

The ham of Morvan

Anchored in history and the landscape for centuries, ham-making here is the legacy of unique know-how. Prepared and aged, Morvan ham is a dry-cured ham rich in aromas that has the terroir's taste and seduces connoisseurs.

Jambon du Morvan

Bernard Loiseau, stars for Saulieu

Bernard Loiseau has undeniably left his mark on French cuisine history. His exceptional career has taken him to the top of the three stars. Saulieu's famous restaurant "La Côte d'Or", the high point of his prodigious career, has preserved the mark of his talented art.

Ingrédients sur une table

Morvan and Auxois, a typical and authentic nature

The gentle relief of Morvan draws a green landscape where farmland, forests, lakes and villages intertwine. While this granite island offers a natural setting conducive to rejuvenation,  the Auxois neighbouring lands, centuries and historical crossroads, invite you to travel back in time.

Morvan Auxois

Le musée François Pompon

A tribute to the famous animal sculptor, Musée François Pompon is also a rich evocation of local history, from Gallo-Roman remains to the great cooks. Thus Alexandre Dumaine and Bernard Loiseau, illustrious chefs who contributed to Saulieu's gastronomic destiny, are honoured.

Musée Pompon

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