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Discover the best wineries in Provence

Between the Mediterranean and the Alps, the Provence vineyards can take advantage of magnificent hillsides, where the vines are soaked in sunshine. Under the southern sun floats a holiday atmosphere - this could explain why the wines are so good. Provence's wine estates are renowned worldwide and bear witness to a rich local heritage. Between vineyards, lavender fields, and olive trees lies the Provence wine route to discover the best wineries in Provence.

Here are five frequently asked questions about the best wineries in Provence:


When is a good time of year to visit the best wineries in Provence?

In spring, nature wakes up, and the first buds appear, letting out a few small, delicately pink leaves. A few poppies, daisies and buttercups are growing between the vines, the colour is returning to the vineyard, and the wine from the previous year's cuvée has just come out of the cellars. The weather is mild and warm, and the crowds are not yet at their peak in the vineyards! In June, vine flowers are present. Then the grapes swell and change colour in August; the grapes begin to ripen. Summer is the peak season for wine tours.


What can you expect on a visit to Provence vineyards?

In recent years, a new form of tourism has appeared in the Provençal region. Wine tourism consists of visiting a particular terroir or region through the study of wine. Many Provence vineyards open their doors to let you discover their know-how and the way they make their wines.


Wine tourism in La Vallée de la Gastronomie - France® is a very pleasant way to discover this unique culture. There are many Provence vineyards, and it is no surprise that wine tourism is highly developed in this region of France.


When you visit wineries near Aix-en-Provence, you are offered a real experience. On the one hand, we can revel in the natural landscapes that Provence offers but, above all, exchange in a very authentic way with the winegrowers who like to share their knowledge. On the other hand, it is always very instructive to learn about oenology because you learn how to taste a good wine but also how to associate it with dishes.


What are the most common styles of wines and grape varieties in Provence?

Grenache is one of the flagship grape varieties of Provençal red blends. Grenache is a late-maturing grape variety that must be planted in warm climates to reach maturity. It has great resistance to drought. Its thin-skinned grapes produce full-bodied wines with low acidity, soft tannins and lovely aromas of red fruits evolving into spicier aromas over time.


Cinsault is a black grape variety of Provençal origin which brings great finesse and subtle fruity aromas to blends. It is commonly used in the production of red wines and the famous Provençal rosé wines. It forms the basis of Provençal blends alongside Grenache.


Syrah and its small black berries with bluish reflections give life to full-bodied, richly colured and aromatic wines. These wines are particularly suitable for ageing. It brings tannic power to blends from Provence.


Tibouren is a typically Provencal grape variety that gives a lot of elegance and finesse to the rosé wines it makes. It gives wines delicate aromas of white-fleshed fruit. It is mainly found on the Provence vineyards of the Mediterranean coasts.


Which of the best wineries in Provence also have restaurants?

All food lovers know that there is nothing better than a traditional meal. A moment of sharing with loved ones around the Easter lamb or the Christmas feast. These memories send us back to our childhood around the dining room table. Good wine and good artisanal products this is what Château Virant offers you in this category. The best wineries in Provence have everything you need to delight your taste buds and your heart.

Château Virant

Which wineries near Aix-en-Provence are recommended?

Today Château La Coste is one of the best wineries near Aix en Provence where vines, art and architecture express themselves freely. Visitors are invited to stroll through the woods, hills, olive groves and vineyards of the estate to discover the works of art and installations by guest contemporary artists and architects. La Terrasse serves soups, fresh salads, homemade pies, and dishes to share.

Domaine La Coste

Which of the best wineries in Provence are suitable for a family visit?

The Château de Berne is one of several wineries near Aix-en-Provence. Classified as a 5-star Relais et Châteaux, the Château de Berne is a magnificent residence nestled in the Var hinterland. It offers visitors an exceptional relaxation area: a spa of more than 800 square metres, a tennis court, a fitness room and a swimming pool.


Terre de Mistral is the story of the meeting of two families who share the same passion for Provence and a strong desire to transmit and make known their know-how. Located 15 kilometres from Aix-en-Provence, facing the mythical Sainte-Victoire mountain, this estate is, above all, a producer of wine and olive oil and is one of the best wineries in Provence. This welcoming space also has a local shop containing a wide variety of carefully selected products (honey, jams, tapenades, and terrines ), as well as a farm inn where the chef offers refined and inventive cuisine.

Domaine de Mistral