Parcours Oeno sensoriel du Château de Pizay
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Château de Pizay wine centre


Take part in 8 themed workshops that will put all your senses to work, giving you a playful introduction to oenology. Your answers to the questionnaire could earn you your oenosensitivity certificate...

PriceAdult: 10 to 20€.

Take part in eight fun-filled introductory wine-tasting workshops. Discover the ABCs of wine tasting with quizzes on color, aromas, flavors, the interaction between flavors, tannins, the difference between aromas and flavors, ageing in oak barrels and wine aging...
In the middle of the tour, take a break to watch a video on the history and viticultural production of Château de Pizay.
In the last 3 workshops, you can start practicing with wine, before moving on to the "Discovery/Tasting" area on the garden floor to put into practice all the knowledge you've acquired along the way.

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Château de Pizay wine centre
443 route du Château Morgon Saint-Jean-d'Ardières, 69220 Belleville-en-Beaujolais
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