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Château de Pizay wine centre


At the wine-tasting cellar, there are 8 different themed workshops that will call on all the senses for a fun introduction to the world of wine. Your answers to the questionnaire will generate your very own personalised oenology certificate depending on your knowledge.

PriceAdult: 10 to 20€.

Have fun discovering oenology through 8 workshops. Discover the basics of wine- tasting with quizzes on colour, aroma, flavour, flavour interactions, tannins, the difference between aromas and flavours, using oak barrels and the ageing process of wine…
Halfway through the experience, there's a film showing about the history and wine production at the Château de Pizay.
In the last 3 workshops you can really start experiencing the wine, before venturing over to the 'Discovery/Tasting' area on the ground floor to put into practice everything you've learnt during this experience.

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Château de Pizay wine centre
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