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Food Traboule


Food Traboule: this is more than just a food court, it’s a new welcoming place at the heart of La Tour Rose! Inviting you on both a culinary and social adventure, to experience the diversity of Lyon’s vibrant and creative gourmet specialities in a unique location that has been completely redesigned!

La Tour Rose, a famous restaurant and an exceptionally charming luxury hotel in Vieux-Lyon, had been dormant for several years. Tabata and Ludovic Mey have embarked on a new chapter, bringing renewed life to one of Lyon’s landmarks. They created Food Traboule as much more than just a food court, it's the creation of a new place to get together in the city.

To sum up, Food Traboule is a historic 660 m2 location that includes 2 bars, 1 coffee shop, 7 rooms, 7 atmospheres, 1 event space, 240 seats and 12 chefs: Le Comptoir des Apothicaires, Ludo’s Pizza, Le Bistrot du Potager, Substrat - La Panifacture, La Meunière, Butcher Brother, Lyon’s Gastro Pub, Misto, Lob’s, MSB - Mon Salade Bar, La Baraque à Sucre and Le Bistrot du Sucré.

There are vegetarian and vegan options available.

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Food Traboule
22 rue du Boeuf, 69123 Lyon
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