Loiseau des Vignes mai 2023
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Salle de restaurant Loiseau des Vignes
Loiseau des Vignes mai 2023
Loiseau des Vignes mai 2023
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Loiseau des Vignes


Loiseau des Vignes: the Bernard Loiseau group’s establishment in Beaune

Loiseau des Vignes

Opened in 2007, the "Loiseau des Vignes" restaurant is located in the heart of Beaune, near the famous Hospices, right next to the prestigious Le Cep hotel. An exceptional and exclusive selection of Burgundy wines, meticulously prepared by Eric GOETTELMANN, the group's executive head sommelier and Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2019. Four wine cellars housed in a masterly oak case offer up to 32 different wines by the glass, allowing you to "Taste Burgundy from glass to plate", including desserts made from Relais Bernard Loiseau recipes. For prices, please contact the service provider directly.

Surprising gastronomy in the name of a great chef

Mourad Haddouche, Michelin-starred chef, combines specialities of Burgundy and original creations in his style of cuisine. As head chef of this fine-dining restaurant, he concocts colourful dishes which are presented with elegance and great attention to detail. As for the desserts, each sweet creation is just as surprising and delicious as the last.

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Loiseau des Vignes
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