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Gastronomic break in Burgundy | Hotels with Spa

Burgundy, renowned for its rich heritage and breathtaking scenery, offers more than just a getaway; it invites its visitors to an unforgettable gastronomic experience. A gastronomic break in Burgundy is not only an opportunity to savour exquisite dishes, but also to relax in luxurious hotels with full spas. Whether you're a gourmet or looking for tranquillity, Burgundy promises a culinary and wellness adventure like no other.

Holiday offers in Burgundy

Burgundy, with its serene valleys and historic vineyards, offers a diverse range of hotels from rustic charm to modern luxury. Each hotel is designed to offer a unique experience, combining comfort and elegance with first-class spa facilities.

Among the options available, you can choose a package that includes not only accommodation, but also gourmet meals. Imagine candlelit dinners featuring refined dishes prepared with the finest local produce and accompanied by Burgundy's famous wines. Hotels often offer special packages for couples looking for a romantic weekend or for families wishing to explore the cultural and culinary riches of the region.
As well as meals and accommodation, these packages often include activities such as guided wine tastings, visits to local vineyards and walks through Burgundy's picturesque countryside. For those seeking ultimate relaxation, spa sessions with massages, hydrotherapy treatments, and saunas are available to complete your luxurious experience.

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Gastronomy at the heart of your stay

Burgundy is a sanctuary for food lovers, offering a culinary scene that rivals the best in the world. Burgundy restaurants, famous for their authentic and innovative approach to cuisine, are at the heart of these gastronomic experiences. Here, every dish tells a story, enriched by the richness of local produce and the passion of the chefs.

From Michelin-starred establishments to charming bistros, the menus reflect the diversity and seasonality of the region's ingredients. Renowned chefs such as Philippe Augé and Benjamin Linard invite you to discover innovative menus that revisit Burgundy classics. Expect dishes such as escargots de Bourgogne en persillade, bœuf bourguignon simmered to perfection, and locally matured cheeses, all meticulously paired with exceptional wines.

Set in an elegant 19th-century manor house in Burgundy, the Restaurant at L'Hostellerie du Cèdre offers a unique Michelin-starred dining experience. The chef and his team concoct inventive cuisine, celebrating local produce in a refined setting featuring period salons and a summer terrace in the heart of lush parkland. The ever-changing menu showcases the richness of Burgundy's terroir, with an impressive selection of over 400 wines from the region.

These experiences are not limited to dinner. Many restaurants offer tasting lunches where diners can immerse themselves in a culinary exploration lasting several hours. For a more casual touch, bistros offer daily menus that capture the essence of Burgundian cuisine in a more informal setting.

Hotel ideas in Burgundy

Hotels in Burgundy offer more than just accommodation; they provide an enriching experience with first-class facilities to ensure a comfortable stay. Each establishment is distinguished by its unique architecture, often combining historic elements with modernity to create an atmosphere that is both elegant and welcoming.

Discover Domaine de Rymska, a jewel in the crown of Southern Burgundy, where tradition meets culinary innovation. At the heart of this estate, the Table de Rymska offers refined cuisine where farm produce dominates. Chef Jérémie Muller is passionate about the land, and offers contemporary dishes based on Charolais beef, poultry, lamb and garden vegetables. Savour these delights in a rustic setting, with exposed beams and an open fireplace, and explore a wine list with over 1,250 references. An authentic gastronomic experience awaits you, available to residents and non-residents alike, every day of the week.

For travellers looking to maintain their wellness routine, gyms equipped with the latest technology are available. Some hotels also offer morning yoga classes in their gardens, allowing guests to start the day in harmony with the surrounding nature.
These facilities, combined with impeccable service, ensure that every moment of your stay in Burgundy is memorable and rejuvenating.

Ready to explore the gastronomic riches and relaxing side of Burgundy? Don't miss the opportunity to book your stay in one of our hotels with spa. Whether it's for a romantic weekend or a relaxing week, Burgundy awaits you!