Restaurant au bord de l'eau marseille

Discover the best seafood restaurants in Marseille

Grilled fish, steamed fish, bouillabaisse, fish soup - eating, drinking and savouring fish, Marseille is where it happens! We have made a selection of the three best fish restaurants in Marseille - the centre of La Vallée de la Gastronomie - France®.


1. Pain à l'ail: the best bouillabaisse in Marseille

Fidelity to culinary traditions while embracing the convenience of modern street food? This is the whole point of Pain à l'ail, which garnishes its sandwiches with Provençal preparations for street food that is local to its core.


After having been a cook in various restaurant formats in Paris and Marseille, Linda and her husband, both from Marseille, conceived the idea of launching the rather revolutionary concept of Provençal street food, namely signature dishes of local gastronomy available in sandwiches (or dishes if you prefer on the spot). From stew to aioli via the best bouillabaisse in Marseille, you can find the region's tastes with fresh and seasonal products cooked in-house.


Bouillabaisse bread is obviously an interpretation of the famous recipe that some may feel is sacrilegious to place between two slices of bread. But pieces of Saint-Pierre, homemade rouille, mashed potatoes and a bread (the "grand siècle" from the "Nouvelle Tradition" bakery in the Turcat-Mery alley) soaked in what many regard as the best bouillabaisse in Marseille is all you need to soak up the essence of Marseille. Open non-stop all day, visitors and locals throng to enjoy breakfasts or snacks, a soup or a salad at any hour of the day.


And why not simply "piter" a few bites of garlic bread (which gave its name to the establishment), panisses, brousse or tapenade bread with a very fresh mousse? Or even make a few small infidelities to the local gastronomy and escape a little further in the Mediterranean with a beautiful foccacia or part of fiadone? All are always prepared with love and served with a smile, the final ingredient that certainly contributes to the success of the place, which ranks as the best seafood restaurant in Marseille.


pain à l'ail marseille

Mais pas question de manger asiatique ! Ici, ce sont les mets traditionnels de Marseille et de sa région qu’on déguste sur le pouce. Linda revisite la bouillabaisse ou la daube en vous les faisant goûter en barquettes ou en sandwich. Vous trouverez aussi au Pain à l’ail quelques tables en terrasse ou autour du comptoir, pour ceux qui ont besoin d’une pause un peu plus longue.


2. Tabi - the best fish restaurant in Marseille

Japanese art and Mediterranean products in the heart of La Vallée de la Gastronomie - France® is a marriage made in heaven and is widely regarded as the best seafood restaurant in Marseille. The Tabi’s seafood menu, which consists of four courses (appetisers, starter, main course, and dessert), is highly recommended and has sealed its reputation as the finest fish restaurant in Marseille. Each dish is an ingenious blend of flavours and textures, with excellent quality products. The dishes subtly compliment each other, and guests enjoy superb service thanks to a friendly and professional team.

At Tabi, the notion of experience is essential, even sacred. The customer is invited to an experience - to taste the five flavours linked to the sea, the land and the mountains. In all humility, the Ippei, the founder of Tabi, believes that chefs have the responsibility to give dreams, to offer another way of seeing the world, to inspire, and to give birth to desire. A concept that is seen through the dish, in its content and presentation, Ippei designs all his tableware himself and entrusts its production to French and Japanese craftsmen. This impeccable attention to detail makes Tabi the place to go for those seeking the best fish restaurant in Marseille.

Tabi Marseille


3. GERARH: the best seafood restaurant in Marseille

The GERARH restaurant/wine cellar is also an artistic event venue where gastronomy, music, and painting come together, epitomising the spirit of La Vallée de la Gastronomie - France®.


In the kitchen, talented chef Gérard Habib offers creative, local and organic cuisine using the freshest, seasonal produce. For dinner, the chef has crafted a short semi-gastronomic menu: seasonal fruits and vegetables straight from the farm, marinated fish, matured meats, original sauces and homemade desserts.


From his long career in the kitchen and his travels, Habib has developed his signature style of the best seafood restaurant Marseille. His cuisine is one of sharing and discovery, creative and gourmet. He likes to surprise guests with his land and sea associations, unexpected spicy touches, and sweet/salty contrasts.


As passionate about oenology as he is about cooking, Habib never fails to surprise and delight patrons with his food and wine pairings, always served with lashings of hospitality and the genial warmth of the South.

Gérarh Marseille