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Domaine Michelas Saint Jemms
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Biodiversity and Grapevines at the Domaine Michelas Saint Jemms


In 2017, the Domaine Michelas Saint Jemms decided to create a biodiversity plot within its vineyard in order to preserve a diversity of species and a natural balance.

PriceAdult: 15 € Teenager: 8 €.

It is essential to maintain a balance between this diversity and winegrowing, both for the environment and for the durability of our crops. Come and visit this one-hectare vine plot next to the winery. We will guide you through the vines and tell you why we decided to go ahead with this initiative devoted to biodiversity. Bird houses, hedgerows, grassy areas... we'll tell you how all of this helps us in working the vines.
We will end with a tasting of our wines at the winery!

Dispositions spéciales COVID 19
Mask, distancing and barrier gestures for this outdoor activity.

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Biodiversity and Grapevines at the Domaine Michelas Saint Jemms
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