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Château Signac


Château Signac is a wine estate located in the old fortified farm built by the Benedictines in the 10th century.

Located on the slopes of the limestone mountain called Dent de Signac, the 20 hectares of vines of the Château benefit from a unique terroir: the limestone sediments resulting from the erosion of the mountain come to mix with the marine sediments composing the bottom of the valley and thus bring a great smoothness and lightness to the wines of the domain.

No less than three appellations are represented by Château Signac:
AOC Côtes du Rhône
AOC Côtes du Rhône Villages Chusclan
IGP Côteaux du Pont du Gard

The estate is open to the public and offers tastings all year round from Tuesday to Saturday. White, red or rosé, there is something for everyone!

It is also possible to extend the experience and stay a few days at the gîte in the historic house, in the middle of nature between vineyards and forests. Here you will be awakened by the song of the birds and lulled by the song of the cicadas... just a few minutes away from the most important heritage sites of the Gard and the region!

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Château Signac
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