Cité de la Raviole
Jean Delmarty
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Cité de la Raviole


Discover the life of a raviole, from the field to the plate! Enjoy a fun, educational and sensory experience! Observe, play, touch, smell, read, listen.... the museum tour features exhibition panels, quizzes, displays, interactive terminals

Free access.

Bring out all your senses! Share this experience with your family
Take a virtual tour of the factory: sit in the cinema room of the Cité de la Raviole and visit, through a film, the Mère Maury factory.
Discover the interior of the factory, the processes of a semi-artisanal manufacture, the know-how of the collaborators...
The visit lasts on average between 45 minutes and 1 hour.
For the gourmets... and only for them, a sale at factory prices is proposed with delivery of the orders on the place of the last visit of the day.
Associations, works councils, companies, leisure centers, schools, ..., the Cité de la Raviole opens its doors to you ! Do not hesitate to contact us for any proposal.

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Cité de la Raviole
33 Boulevard Gabriel Péri, 26100 Romans-sur-Isère
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