Le Duende
Le Duende
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Le Duende


Duende ! Or when the art of the bullfighter and the flamenco dancer ignite the imagination of Pierre Gagnaire.

The gastronomic address of the Hotel Imperator benefits from an independent entrance. And the master certainly does not lack independence: quality products, proven technical mastery, spontaneity and originality. At the piano, Nicolas Fontaine, faithful for fourteen years, and who seems to know on the fingertips the rebellious spirit of his mentor. Here we go, hang on: Mediterranean prawns with amontillado - Thai grapefruit, Camargue red rice, yellow mango; doe hazelnut with juniper - green cabbage au gratin, red cabbage marmalade with blackcurrant, quince paste with holly brandy, and for dessert, citrus infusion, lemon cream pannacotta, clementine; aloe-vera gavotte, Williams pear marmalade and pink grapefruit. Superb wine list, with more than 600 references, with a marked regional preference. Pierre Gagnaire hits hard, right and (very) well.

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Le Duende
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