Les Dégustations de Jézabel
Jézabel Janvre
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Les Dégustations de Jézabel


Wine and local products tasting sessions with a specialist graduate of the Suze la Rousse wine college. Choose from a range of workshops. Tastings can also be organised in a pretty little garden in Bourg-Saint-Andéol or at your home.

I am specialised in wine and local products tasting sessions and organise tastings that arouse all the senses, based on various themes:
- Discovery of Ardèche: wines and local products from Ardèche.
- Wine and chocolate tasting
- Wine and cheese tasting
- Tasting cocktail dinner: 3 wines + 5 local products. Sufficient quantities for a buffet
- Personalised tasting: customers can choose their wines and local products
- Blind tasting: using black glasses or blindfolded.
- Taste discovery: tasting workshops for children with a range of cordials and local products.

Dispositions spéciales COVID 19
Tastings of wines and local products in my premises (veranda/garden) in Bourg-Saint-Andéol or in private homes. Hydroalcoholic gel available. Individual spittoons. Local products are served individually, no one takes from the dishes. Each "tribe" has its own table. Mask is mandatory until the actual tasting.

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Les Dégustations de Jézabel
6 rue Bertranne, 07700 Bourg-Saint-Andéol
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