Restaurant Rouge
Rouge restaurant

Rouge restaurant


Come on an epicurean adventure in a unique and festive ambiance firmly rooted in the city's ancient traditions, in this inviting and colourful place where chef Georgina Viou concocts her delicious, sun-kissed cuisine.

ROUGE is the result of a wonderful partnership between two people who are passionate about their terroir, chef Georgina Viou and Denis Allegrini. The name of their establishment is a tribute to the colour red that represents both their native lands, Benin and the Costières de Nîmes. This gourmet, warm colour is a representation of Nîmes, of its coat-of-arms and its local and culinary heritage.

Georgina is a passionate, self-taught chef who takes her sun-kissed inspiration from the Mediterranean and the wealth of her Beninese origin, creating honest, convivial and vibrant cuisine. The chef and her team invite their customers on a magical, generous, gourmet journey, to (re)discover the flavours of this local area and further afield.

In a festive atmosphere, Rouge offers its customers a unique experience in an inviting setting, where marble and brass blend perfectly with the warmth of velvet and wood, surrounded by crimson and terracotta shades.

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Rouge restaurant
6 rue Fresque, 30000 Nîmes
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