Restaurant Rouge
Rouge restaurant

Rouge restaurant


In a unique and festive atmosphere that recalls the roots of the city, discover our epicurean spaces, with a warm and colorful atmosphere, where gourmet and solar cuisine orchestrated by the chef Georgiana Viou.

ROUGE is the fruit of the complicity between two passionate people who love their land, the chef Georgiana VIOU and Denis ALLEGRINI. A name that sounds like an echo to the common color of their land of origin, between Benin and Costières de Nîmes, the red. A warm, gourmet color, in the image of Nîmes, its coat of arms and its local and culinary heritage.

A self-taught, sunny and passionate chef, Georgiana is inspired by the Mediterranean land and the richness of her Beninese origins, around a Mediterranean cuisine of the heart, friendly and lively. The chef and her team invite you on a gastronomic journey, enchanting and generous, to (re)discover flavors from here and elsewhere.

In a festive atmosphere, ROUGE offers its guests a unique experience that immerses them in a warm décor, where marble and brass blend harmoniously with the warmth of velvet and wood, in a cameo of carmine and terracotta.

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Rouge restaurant
6 rue Fresque, 30000 Nîmes
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