A l'aube du Mont Brouilly
Perrine Guyot
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Sunrise at Mont Brouilly


Come and experience something unique, on an exploration of Mont Brouilly at sunrise. You can expect all the senses to be heightened as you enjoy breakfast with a spectacular view!

PriceAdult: 25 €, Teenager (6-17 years): 20 €, Child: 10 €.

The exploration of Mont Brouilly begins just before sunrise, and the beautiful morning light really brings out the best of the hill.

We will guide you on a semi-nocturnal walk up to the top of Mont Brouilly to enjoy the sunrise with a delicious breakfast concocted by Gérald from the catering company 'Gare aux Gourmands'. Along the way, you'll learn about the geology, local way of life, history and wine. The Beaujolais landscape will be revealed in the superb morning light as you walk back towards the 'Geoscope' viewpoint.

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Sunrise at Mont Brouilly
Mont Brouilly, 69220 Saint-Lager
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