Moutarde Dijon

Our selection of good restaurants in Dijon

Discover Dijon, a culinary gem nestled in the heart of Burgundy, where each restaurant tells a story of passion, tradition and innovation. Let yourself be seduced by an unparalleled gustatory journey through Michelin-starred establishments, charming bistros and exceptional wine bars, each offering a window onto the gastronomic soul of this historic city. Get ready for an adventure where authentic flavours meet creativity, in a setting that invites discovery and the pleasure of the senses.

The culinary tradition of Le Pré aux Clercs

Le Pré aux Clercs is a restaurant that pays homage to Dijon's culinary tradition, inspired by the cuisine of Georges Blanc. It's known for dishes that bring back childhood memories with a modern twist thanks to the travels of chef Pierre Franchomme. The restaurant offers innovative recipes using local produce and a varied wine list, including some rare appellations. For more information about Le Pré aux Clercs.

William Frachot's restaurant in the Michelin guide

The William Frachot restaurant is famous for its Michelin-starred cuisine, which blends Burgundian tradition with contemporary creativity. Nestled in the Hostellerie du Chapeau Rouge, this establishment offers a top-class taste experience, celebrating the terroir with refined dishes in an elegant setting. To find out more about what they have to offer and book a table, visit our page dedicated to the William Frachot restaurant.

The starred Loiseau des Ducs restaurant

Loiseau des Ducs offers Michelin-starred cuisine combining Burgundian tradition and innovation. Located in the historic Hôtel de Talmay, it offers an authentic experience with a breathtaking view of the Palais des Ducs from its terrace. The cuisine focuses on pure flavours and respect for produce.

La Pause méridienne à la Table des climats

La Pause méridienne à la Table des Climats offers a unique culinary experience centred on food and wine pairings. Run by Kevin JULIEN and created by Eric Pras, MOF 2004, the restaurant offers a three-course menu highlighting the richness of Burgundy's Grands Crus and local gastronomy. Located near Dijon's Grande Chapelle, it's the ideal place for an exceptional romantic lunch.

Monique's signature cuisine

This restaurant offers a warm atmosphere with dishes that reflect innovative cuisine d'auteur. It's a must for those looking for an authentic and memorable culinary experience.

The Ǔ wine bar and dining cellar

With a meticulously chosen selection of wines and a unique concept, this wine bar stands out for its tasty dishes that perfectly complement each glass.

Signature cuisine at Betterave

Betterave stands out for its cuisine d'auteur, offering a refined gastronomic experience in a welcoming atmosphere. It's the ideal place for lovers of innovative cuisine.

Your gastronomic journey in Dijon will have taken you through unparalleled culinary experiences, from refined tributes to Burgundian cuisine to modern interpretations that defy the imagination. Each address you visit promises not only a feast for the palate but also an immersion in Dijon's rich culture. It's an invitation to return, again and again, to reveal the many layers of its vibrant gastronomic scene. Don't leave without promising your taste buds to come back and explore Dijon's hidden treasures.