Dégustation sous le terroir
SpéléOenologie®, Grotte de Saint Marcel d'Ardèche
SpéléOenologie®, Grotte de Saint Marcel d'Ardèche
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Underground tasting in SpéléOenologie®


Accompanied by a caving guide and a winegrower, you will discover our terroir from an unexpected point of view.

PriceOne price: 59 €. Group rate available for > 6 people.
opening dateUntil 31/12/2024
HoursAll year round, daily between 9 am and 8 pm.

You will discover the monumental galleries left by the passage of an ancient underground river, and our true blind wine-tasting, a hundred meters underground.

Wine-making in the Saint-Marcel-d’Ardèche Cave

During this tour, explore the cave network of Saint-Marcel (the undeveloped part), while sampling the vintages of the winemakers who age their wares more than 100 m underground in the grottocave. Join a speleologist (cave expert) and a winemaker/oenologist as they explain the finer points of this unusual location. Combine looking for fossils, learning about geology and blind-tasting the wines made in this unusually dark and soothing environment

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Underground tasting in SpéléOenologie®
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Between canyons, underground caves and preserved areas, between chestnut groves, vineyards and perched villages, Ardèche region is very natural, rural, authentic and welcoming; a tasty land cultivating the art of living.