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The seven best bouchons in Lyon

Whether you love barbecue, vegetarian food, a gourmet candlelit dinner in a restaurant, or street food, we can all agree that Lyon is one of the best places in the world to eat - if not the best!

Between melt-in-the-mouth charcuterie, cheese or offal-based specialities, not forgetting its famous pink pralines, the gastronomic capital has everything to seduce the taste buds, especially when you taste them in bouchons, a traditional symbol of Lyon gastronomy. Here are seven of the best bouchons in Lyon.


  1. Daniel & Denise

Hidden in the third arrondissement, the Daniel & Denise restaurant has had several lives: first butchery, then a sauerkraut shop before becoming a renowned bouchon offering the best food in Lyon. At the helm of this welcoming address, chef Joseph Viola, a native of the Vosges but a Lyonnais at heart. After having officiated in several starred restaurants, the chef offers ultra-mastered cuisine, combining modernity and tradition, local flavours and original flavours: foie gras pâté en croûte, sweetbreads and melting omelettes; the important thing is to enjoy yourself!

Daniel and Denise


  1. Le Poêlon d’Or: one of the best bouchons in Lyon

In the heart of the Ainay district, Le Poêlon d'Or is an unusual Bouchon. Located in a building dating from 1890, its ceiling is listed as a UNESCO heritage site. Once a vintner, hence its huge cellar, it has become a bouchon for twenty years and is regarded as one of the best bouchons in Lyon. In 2010, Yann Lalle, originally from Burgundy, took up the torch from the emblematic Lyon Mother Marie-Danielle Rheuter. Rich in gastronomic training in restaurants in France and abroad, this talented chef prepares the desserts and the dining room. Helped by its young chef Mickaël Lorini with a promising boost, they will concoct delicious dishes for you. On the program: artichoke stock with foie gras, veal sweetbreads with Porto sauce and rum baba will undoubtedly appeal to the most gourmet.

Le Poêlon d'Or


  1. Le Bouchon Sully: one of the best restaurants in Lyon

A little history lesson on this rather unusual bouchon: before becoming a Lyon bouchon, it was "Les Oliviers", Olivier Canal's "bistro" with a Marseille accent for 14 years. Now taken over by Julien Gautier, Chef and owner of the M Restaurant and Emmanuel Tachon-Foley, his room manager, he has invented a new story. You will find Lyon specialities and seasonal suggestions on the menu. As for the decor, it claims to be a bouchon but does not deny its little personal touch. As for the food - you can enjoy the best food in Lyon presented in the spirit of modernized bouchon: chicken liver cake, calf's liver with parsley and calf's head with ravigote sauce are on the slate, for our greatest pleasure. It's greedy and well executed: you will want more.

Le Bouchon Sully


  1. Cafe du Jura: enjoy the best food in Lyon

Come and discover one of the city's most famous Lyonnais bouchons: Cafe du Jura is located in the heart of Lyon's second arrondissement. It's a genuine family institution; Brigitte Josserand is in the kitchen, preparing delicious traditional recipes served by her son, Benoît, who gives excellent advice, especially on the wine list. On the menu, terrine of foie gras, calf's head, tablier de sapeur, gâteau de foies de volaille, grenouilles fraiches, and to finish praline tart or lemon meringue tart: delicious homemade desserts. All this to enjoy in a warm setting with simple and authentic decor from the 1930s. The atmosphere is amiable, you undoubtedly will have a great time in Cafe du Jura, one of the best bouchons in Lyon and will definitely want to come back!

Café du Jura


  1. La Mère Léa

La Mère Léa is the best place near Place des Jacobins. If you have never tasted French cuisine, come to this bouchon, one of the best bouchons in Lyon. It's a great idea to order a delicious quenelle. A fascinating parfait is among the dishes to try in La Mère Léa. You will be offered delicious wine, and you will be treated to spectacular service. At this place, clients can enjoy the cosy atmosphere and attractive decor. This restaurant is in the Michelin guide and has obtained recognition as one of the best restaurants in Lyon - the experts underline its outstanding comfort.

La Mère Léa


  1. L'acteur: among the best restaurants in Lyon

French cuisine is always well prepared at L'Acteur. Serving a delectable celery salad is the hallmark of L'acteur, which offers the best food in Lyon - arguably, a fascinating parfait is the tastiest dish. It is easy to find this place thanks to its location. Start your meal with a delicious wine. Efficient staff show a high level of hospitality in this place, and you will be entitled to a relaxed service at each of your visits. On Google, L'acteur was rated 4.6 by its customers - it's clearly regarded as one of the best bouchons in Lyon.



  1. La Meunière

This authentic Lyonnais Bouchon, nestled in the heart of the Presqu’île, halfway between the Rhône and the Saône, has been seducing lovers of traditional Lyonnaise cuisine for nearly 100 years, in a friendly, warm and welcoming setting. L'Oreiller de la Belle-Meunière, calf's head, pike quenelle to name but a few. La Meunière offers the best food in Lyon, including the great classics of Lyon's culinary heritage. Will one visit be enough?

La meunière